The tokes platform is a digital currency project for the cannabis legalization movement


The Cannabis Revolution™, empowered by the TOKES digital currency platform, is one of the first projects in the world to combine the technological advances of the blockchain and digital tokens with the cultural shift associated with the marijuana legalization movement.

After having funded a successful first tier of capital via ICO, the TOKES platform is now targeting five key initiatives.

1. TOKES transaction protocol: TOKES sold during the ICO have been distributed to wallets (via WAVES), industry integration, asset pegging, and anonymous transactions will be implemented within 1 year.
2. Fiat Onramps: This is currently active and we are establishing new dispensary partners.
3. Mobile App: Currently in development.
4. Consumer Advocacy: This non-profit arm will be developed within the year.
5. Tangible products: In development, expecting first line within 3 months. Possibility of full grow operation.

Further explanation of each arm of the platform is outlined below…


The TOKES Platform provides a digital currency solution dedicated to the Cannabis Industry via a token called, you guessed it, “TOKES.” The token can be utilized by customers to facilitate in-dispensary purchases, and in a business-to-business capacity across industry participants.

Total Supply:

⁃ Highly secure and easy to transact.
⁃ Operates on the robust WAVES blockchain with near instant transactions (1 second / tx)
⁃ Enables anonymous transactions
⁃ Provides asset pegging for merchants
⁃ Eliminates the necessity for cash transactions
⁃ Eliminates the necessity for cash on-ramps

TOKES are proudly traded on

TOKES runs on the WAVES Blockchain. For more information about WAVES visit wavesplatform.com

All ICO investments made with WAVES (rather than bitcoin) received an additional 5% added to the total of their TOKES distribution.

The initial ICO funding of TOKES closed January 15th, 2017. Contact us if you wish to purchase TOKES.

TOKES Waves Asset ID: BDMRyZsmDZpgKhdM7fUTknKcUbVVkDpMcqEj31PUzjMy
View this asset on the Waves Block Explorer



Until regulations on banking change, you must have a way to securely store your money. We can make that happen.

⁃ Making the “unbankable” bankable. Our gateway facilitates the two-way conversion of cash into digital currency and back with NO fiat volatility risk (if desired).
⁃ The TOKES Platform, can assist your business with transitioning assets currently sitting in cash into a secure digital format, which can be stored securely, under your own control.
⁃ We facilitate the necessary education and training to secure and protect digital assets.


A digital point of sale in every customer’s pocket.
The app allows customers to get information on strains, find dispensaries, and pay for goods instantly using TOKES.

⁃ Will serve as mobile wallet for sending and receiving tokes transactions.
⁃ Dispensary locator and rating tool.
⁃ Comprehensive strain and product database with detailed information about particular strain effects and accessibility.


Lobbying and general advocacy will be critical to continuing to move the cannabis industry mainstream. We aim to lead the charge.

In addition to the for-profit segments of our business, one key objective of the Tokes platform is to provide a consumer advocacy non-profit initiative that should benefit merchants, consumers, enthusiasts, and even those opposed to the legalization movement. Our efforts will focus on public outreach at events, education, accurate product information & test, and political lobbying.


Tangible product development will provide revenue to re-invest in the TOKES Platform to ensure long-term success and viability.

⁃ CBD-based products
⁃ THC-based products
⁃ Tourism industry

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Michael Wagner


Michael has worked with the largest investment management firms in Las Vegas (Investment Counsel Company, United Capital, and Arista Wealth Management) in select capacities, including investment analyst, relationship manager, and portfolio manager. Having recently completed the Level III CFA exam, he has achieved the last of the qualifications necessary to apply for the coveted CFA Charter designation. His background is coupled with a deep passion and enthusiasm for the cryptocurrency ecosystem, of which he has been involved since 2013. As a Las Vegas native, he has a deep network of entrepreneurs, developers, and fintech enthusiasts, including advisers in the legal cannabis distribution industry. His skill set will drive business operations and aid in maximizing value for TOKES holders.

Gabriel Allred, M.A.


Aside from his work with cryptocurrency since 2011, Gabriel is currently pursuing a PhD in cognitive science at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He has a background in data sciences and has contracted for the Air Force Research Labs conducting applied research for intelligence analysts. His current dissertation work focuses on the cognitive factors within behavioral economics. Gabriel is heading TOKES platform development and the technological infrastructure of the company.

Development Team

Kristy-Leigh Minehan


Kristy has worked behind the scenes with W0lf on cryptocurrency projects and possesses fluency in Python, Erlang, C++, and OpenCL. She will be among our programmers developing the codebase of the Tokes platform.



Renowned cryptocurrency developer W0lf has joined the TOKES team, bringing a masterful proficiency of C, CUDA, and OpenCL. He is well known among the BitcoinTalk.org forums for his work on sgminer-gm, wolf-xmr, and wolf-lbry, among other crypto projects.

Anthony Grevich


Anthony has worked as a Senior Network for Everi Holdings, Sands Corporation, Bally Technologies, Forsythe Technology, and Vial Corp. His skill-set and knowledge will be crucial in the implementation of the network and node infrastructure of the Tokes platform.

Tim Deneau


Tim has over a decade of experience designing and developing user interfaces for web applications and platforms at creative agencies and startups. He will serve as UI developer for our mobile platform and is head of creative marketing for the Tokes platform.


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