TheRev: Tokes Platform Newsletter, September 2017

TheRev, September 2017

Greetings Tokes Enthusiasts!

The past month has had an array of new developments, many of which will be discussed below in this installment of the newsletter, while others will be kept under wraps until final operating agreements are signed.  The largest focus of this month’s newsletter however will be our upcoming rebrand, so let’s jump into discussion of that.

Spotlight:  Tokes Rebrand and New Website Launch

We are excited to announce that we are in the final stages of a Tokes Platform rebrand and new site launch.  The new identity of the platform was designed by our friends at Artisans on Fire, a firm that specializes in cannabis brand development.  Our updated site will feature the new logo, typefaces, visual guides to understanding the Tokes Platform, and an updated whitepaper.  While the content of the new site is nearly complete, we estimate it will be ready for launch in a month’s time, at which point we will discuss in greater detail the updated aims of Tokes moving forward.  Without any further ado, the new logo is below:

We think this logo speaks for itself and encapsulates the many arms of our platform (e.g., blockchain integration with the cannabis supply chain).  You can expect to see the new logo rolled out across our social media, exchanges, and the web soon, with the site launching in the following weeks.

Merchant Gateway

One of our core developments that has had significant progress in the last month is the merchant gateway.  This software protocol will seamlessly facilitate point of sale and online transactions of cryptocurrencies for businesses.  While the obvious initial market for our merchant gateway is the cannabis space, utilizing Tokes as a payment mechanism, the technology can easily be adopted by any industry or business to facilitate payments across a myriad of cryptocurrencies.

A minimal viable product (MVP) of the gateway has been completed, and we will soon be testing it with industry partners.  The first of whom is, a California based company providing a new type of cannabis delivery service.  Budsy’s business model is unique within the space, as they tailor products to the cannabis consumer based on the customer’s reviews and experience with previously sampled cannabis products.  A few unpolished screenshots of the Alpha version gateway can be seen below:

We will be releasing an introductory video exploring the features of the gateway in the coming weeks.


Our new bounty program is underway this week, with a selected team of five ambassadors working to spread awareness of the Tokes Platform to new users within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.  The team is focusing on producing social media posts (e.g., Twitter, Facebook), website and forum engagement (e.g., Bitcointalk, Reddit, Blogs,, and less formal creative content (e.g., Youtube videos, memes, and banners) to market the project.  Strategically launching this in conjunction with the rebrand will increase our traction and bring more users into the Tokes ecosystem.

On a more professional marketing front, we have engaged with a public relations firm, Invitation Media Group, who will be obtaining conventional media placements (i.e., newspapers, magazines, radio, and television).  The team at Invitation Media has extensive experience working with companies to increase global brand awareness.

Our engagement with Invitation Media quickly landed us a great interview with the Las Vegas Money Resource, a show airing across Las Vegas via KDWN AM720.  A recap of this show can be found here:

Las Vegas Money Resource

Also, if you are not already aware, Tokes had a great Medium write-up this week, naming the project one of the top “5 coins under a $5 million market cap.”  You can give this thorough review a read here:

Favorite Coins Under 5 Million Dollar Market Cap

Transactional Protocol

Pisos dispensary in Las Vegas has been excellent in accommodating our pilot program over the last month, grossing over $1300 in transactions since August.  For our pilot rollout, Tokes are transacting at a 1:1 USD value, despite trading at well over $2 for many months now.  For those of you in Las Vegas (or visiting) who wish to spend Tokes at Pisos, we are instituting a rebate program, in which we will compensate the customer for the difference in price paid compared to value on the open market.  Please contact us directly, indicating the transaction ID of your purchase so that we may refund the rebate to the original wallet.

This concludes this month’s installment of the Tokes Newsletter.  You can expect next month’s announcements to address ongoing core aims of the project, and discuss a finalized partnership encompassing one of these aims.  Please join us in our Slack channel if you have any questions about the topics discussed within the newsletter.  Until next time…

Here’s to something new. Here’s to the revolution.

-Gabriel, COO