TheRev: Tokes Platform Newsletter, March 2017

TheRev, March 2017

It has been another month of exciting development behind the scenes at the Tokes Platform. With a wealth of content to release to you, let’s jump right in…

Crypto Exchanges
The burning question on many of your minds is which exchange we’ll be listed with, and when. While we have always stated that this is a secondary priority to us (behind development of our revenue generating business segments), we appreciate that it does lend an air of legitimacy to the project, and will provide additional exposure  and increased interest in the platform.

For these reasons, we have dedicated time and resources this month to engaging with exchanges. We have reached out to several exchanges, including: Poloniex, Tidex, Liqui, NovaExchange, CoinQX, and Bittrex. Of these conversations, the most fruitful were with the owners of Bittrex and CoinQX. While this is not an official announcement, we are confident about obtaining a listing at both sites. However, given the current infancy of WAVES’ codebase, the implementation of listing WAVES assets (like TOKES) will take some time. We have a member of our development team working closely with members of both exchanges, actively implementing the adoption of WAVES assets. It is likely that we will make an official announcement about a Bittrex listing within the week.

Your efforts as a community go far in getting TOKES listed.  Many exchanges have responded by instructing us to push our community to make requests for a listing at their exchanges. Emails, Tweets, and Facebook posts all will assist in getting more listings sooner.

Cash Onramps
As one of our core initiatives, we see our cash-onramping services as having the highest prospect to generate immediate revenue for the platform. This business model enables to us take fiat cash from dispensaries and move it through the financial system, ultimately creating an electronically stored asset for them. Our fees for this service are as high as 4.5% per transaction, but can be reduced by contracting with us to accept TOKES for retail purchases, and/or carrying our tangible product lines. We are pleased to announce that we have completed money services business (MSB) registration at the federal level, and are pursuing our licensing for the state of Nevada. This will enable us to satisfy KYC/AML requirements, and legally serve as money transmitters.

Application Development
Minh Tran, our lead developer, has been quite busy coordinating with the WAVES team on the development of our mobile application. His recent accomplishments include:

•    Successful setup of a full node for waves on local computer to allow handling of REST API calls
•    Successful development of a prototype to demonstrate transfer of Tokes from one address to another address on Waves mainnet using Tokes as fee.
•    Developed a prototype for QR code scanner on iOS
•    Developed a prototype for QR code generator on iOS
•    Developed a prototype for store locator.

We will have much more to report on in the coming months, but we’re very pleased with the rapid progress we’ve made in the space. Please join us in Slack for daily discussion!

Here’s to something new. Here’s to the revolution.